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Marmo Lab

Marble like porcelain stoneware
Gres in massa UNI EN 14411 - G Bla
120X278, 120X120, 60X120, 60X60, 30X60
Calacatta, Pietra grey, Lasa, Onice, Apuano, Saint laurent, Avorio lux, Pulpis

A sophisticated, timeless spirit brings Marmo Lab to life. An extensive, consistent research and detailed study of the most exclusive surfaces endow it with the uniqueness and quality of an artisan crafted product.
Eight nuances enhance the collection, matt and polished surfaces in multiple formats, to complete the project with an elegant 30×90 cladding. Unexpected combinations, the old and the modern are blended to create a magical balance of markings and colours.

Marmo Lab is the result of an in-depth research stemming from the goal of selecting the most precious types of marble with the expert know-how of artisan stonemasons. The result is breath-taking.

Thanks to the processing techniques and the machinery which make it possible to replicate the veining and colours of the natural material, enhancing the unmistakable shine, Marmo Lab conjures up the same sophistication that has been the hallmark of real marble since the classical era.

Marmo Lab 120×278

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